Feedback on workshops and trips

I participated in the #powerplace workshops twice and will gladly go again. 

Wonderful women, friendly and open atmosphere, wise and warm trainer. Every time I came back richer and stronger. But especially one of the exercises Paulina has taught us is of the greatest value for me. With no exaggeration I can say that it was a turning point on my personal spiritual path and the most important practice I’ve ever learnt. Mental journey between dimensions, away from time and space, allowing for an extremely deep insight and for reaching the place where all the answers already are. "The key" to my (!) Power Place, which I’ve brought from the workshops and will never lose. Thank you.

Agnieszka Orłowska

Linia pozioma szara

I was searching for new inspirations in my life, new paths, new experiences,

beauty of nature, discovering myself again, seeing myself in the future, forgiving myself the past, inspiring conversations, and good energy of another person – I found all of that on the trip to the Himalayas with Paulina, a unique person in my life, charming, witty, endowed with extraordinary sense of humor and imagination, but also discreet, listening in silence, empathetic, supportive... Thank you, Paulina, for organizing trips and workshops for women, with you they can learn, experience and see, not to mention feel the magical power of feminine synergy, changing the world for the better.


Linia pozioma szara

I met Paulina in Kerala, India,

and took part in her original workshops based on her own experience. There were 10 women in our group, each one completely different. During the workshops, however, our differences did not interfere but rather aroused curiosity and a desire to get to know each other more closely. These meetings, in addition to bringing laughter and spontaneous fun, were filled with deep emotions, sometimes even tears. One of the beautiful visualizations, suggested and moderated by Paulina, has been accompanying me since in the weaker moments of my life, giving me a great deal of faith in myself. I recommend Paulina and her formula of trips combined with workshops to all those who want to delve into themselves, rest, genuinely relax, and take distance from themselves and others.

Katarzyna Taranko

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For me Paulina's workshop "Power Place" is a real hit!

It shot me into the orbit of power, where I float finding my own power in various stages of development – those still in a seed state, those already sprouting, and those ripe and magnificent, which get more and more beautiful day by day! What helps me pamper my inner power is yoga, which I discovered thanks to the workshops as well. The "Power Place" really is a space for unique meetings, run by Paulina with endearing authenticity, empathy, and highest class.

Iwona Ryan

Linia pozioma szara

Describing this experience in two sentences is impossible.

Paulina Młynarska has been one of my favorite journalists and columnists for many years. Reading her articles or watching her on TV I’ve always had the feeling as if she were my soul-mate, or rather: my soul-sister. When I found out that she was a co-organizer of women’s group trips to Kerala combined with personal development workshops, my feminist nature was over the moon with happiness. For the first time in my life, in such beautiful bosom of nature, I experienced being part of a group of experienced, conscious, and bright women. Those were amazing two weeks, during which I met a few wonderful women, fell in love with yoga and with India. I came back richer in friendship, sense of inner peace, and self-esteem. Thank you, Paulina. We will surely meet again on future trips and in Poland.

J. G. Włodarczyk

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