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Paulina Młynarska

Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions of yoga workshops and proprietary self-development workshops „power place”


Each participant of yoga workshops is required to read the rules and regulations of the participation in the classes and to strictly follow them.

  1. Participants confirm they are aware that taking part in the yoga workshops is voluntary and that all exercises are performed at one’s own risk. Participants are aware they should not exercise if they have information about their possible health contraindications as practicing may cause health damage.
  2. Participants are obliged to take care of their own and other participants’ safety. Participants confirm they are aware of the type and nature of the yoga practice and therefore are obliged to refrain from any activities that may result in exposure to danger for themselves or other participants.
  3. Participants are obliged to immediately inform the teacher about any activities that are contradicting the terms and conditions of the workshops and about any circumstances that may cause exposure to danger.
  4. Participants are aware of the risk of the practice and related injuries the teacher is not responsible for.
  5. The classes may be attended by persons:
    1. who are healthy and have not undergone any medical procedures nor surgeries within the last 2 years preceding the workshops,
    2. without medical contraindications,
    3. over the age of 18 years; persons over the age of 16 years – with the consent (written or by e-mail) of their legal guardians.
  6. Persons with health problems are required to obtain their doctor's consent for starting the practice and to inform the teacher before the classes, as well as during their duration, in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The teacher does not take responsibility for the negative effects on the participants' health resulting from the practice.
  7. In the case of chronic diseases participants may start the practice after consulting their doctor and with their consent.
  8. Participants agree to practice within the limits of comfort, never crossing the pain threshold.
  9. Participants acknowledge that practicing without the teacher’s advice and instructions may have a negative impact on their health.
  10. Participants are obliged not to touch other participants during the practice.
  11. Participants are obliged to arrive on time, minimum 5 minutes before the practice.
  12. Participants who are late and have not taken part in the warm-up, cannot participate in the practice, even if it had already been paid for, without the possibility of a refund.
  13. Participants are aware that each practice is an integrity and being late causes a disruption of the atmosphere and calmness necessary to perform the exercises. Participants agree not to be late nor leave before the end of the practice, unless there are circumstances that make it necessary to leave the room. Participant acknowledge and accept that leaving the room unjustifiably may result in being banned from the next practice without the possibility of a fee refund.
  14. During the practice participants are not allowed to drink, chew gum, nor talk socially with other participants..
  15. Participants are obliged to stay silent and focused during the practice.
  16. Exercises are performed barefoot, in a comfortable, airy, and clean outfit, with no make-up nor jewelry.
  17. Participants agree to comply with the hygiene rules and to not wear strong perfumes or deodorants.
  18. Each participant has their own mat and a blanket/scarf to cover oneself; optionally a water bottle, for exceptional situations.
  19. During the practice it is forbidden to help other participants in their exercises, to advise them, or to touch them. Participants are aware that non-compliance with the above may expose other participants to injuries, for which the teacher is not responsible.
  20. Participant are obliged to keep the room tidy and to clean after themselves, in particular – to clean their trash and wipe wet spots.
  21. Participants agree not to make any comments regarding the appearance, age, gender, orientation, religion, social status, profession, or nationality of other participants. In the event of non-compliance with the above, participants will be asked to leave the classes without being able to participate in the future, and without the possibility of a fee refund.
  22. Participants agree to turn off their mobile phones before entering the room.
  23. During the classes it is strictly forbidden to (audio or video) record the practice and to take pictures.
  24. The teacher is available for 15 minutes after the end of the practice.
  25. Participants declare they are aware and agree that in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of these regulations, they may be asked by the teacher to leave, without the possibility of participating in the future classes and without the possibility of a fee refund.
  26. Any complaints regarding the manner, form, and scope of the workshops should be submitted exclusively in writing to the following e-mail address:, within 14 days from the occurrence of the circumstances causing the submission. Participant acknowledge that the above address is used only for complaints related to the workshops, and not to the trips organized by the travel agency, including complaints regarding accommodation or alimentation.

Joining the classes may involve the risk of exposure to health loss, is completely voluntary, and means absolute acceptance of the provisions of these regulations by each participant.

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