Wherever I go, I feel like moving there. I fall in love with places I visit. I’m fascinated by different looks, customs, languages, melodies, and foods. I’ve been travelling since early childhood.


I was 5 years old when my mother took me and my sister for a long road trip through Europe with a Volkswagen Beetle. We slept in a tent, ate ravioli from a can, and I felt like the happiest person in the world. Every following holiday trip with my parents only exacerbated my appetite for otherness. When I was 16, I went – or actually fled – to Paris. How I survived and what I experienced there got described in my books „Kalendarzyk niemałżeński” (“Non-marital calendar-based method”), „Na błędach! Poradnik odradnik” („On my mistakes! Discouraging guidebook”) and „ Jeszcze czego!” („Yeah, right!”). Paris – a multicultural city in which all possible nations, tastes, colors, and customs coexist – was the place where I began to understand how rich and diverse the world is. And how terribly little I knew about it, living in culturally homogenous and hermetically sealed against otherness Poland. For years, travelling further than to the neighbouring – eg. African or Asian – district of Paris had only been a dream for me. I became a single mom quite early and had to focus on earning money and raising a child. No chance for distant journeys. But how about a trip through Europe with a few-years-old daughter, a dog, a tent, and trunkful of food supplies? Cooking in squatting position on the campsites? Sleeping under the stars in a hammock in Greece? Why not!



Today my daughter is already a grown-up herself and... of course she also loves traveling. And since I let her go out into the world – I can finally live on the road. My beloved directions are Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar, Bali and Kerala in India. I also love Nepal and the Himalayas. I am fascinated by Australia and the nature of North America. When I travel - I write, I meet people, I just feel I'm alive. In 2015 I began to think that I could start sharing my traveling experience with other women and start taking them with me out into the world. The idea for the trips is simple: small family hotels, daily yoga routine with local masters and with me. Lots of freedom, laughter, fun, and contact with nature. No pressure, tension, nor over-dressing up for dinner.



Paulina Młynarska - Miejsce Mocy



Trips to Kerala are some sorts of "sanatorial" stays in an Ayurvedic center with yoga, diet, and treatments individually tailored to the situation and needs of each participant. We travel to Nepal to face the majesty of the mountains and our own limitations during trekking. In Bali and Sri Lanka we visit the temples, we dive, we put ourselves in the hands of fantastic masseuses, we get to know the local culture and meditate. We practice yoga everywhere! Even in Nepal, in the mountain shelters, we spread our mats and, without paying any attention to the astonishment of tour-guides, locals and other tourists, we just do the "downward-facing dog". The side effects of my group trips are beautiful friendships developed there. And that, I think, is the biggest fun for me. I can safely say that I have helped connect together wonderful friends – and female friendships are an amazing power!

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